All you need to know about product selling restrictions on Amazon!

Amazon business

Amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace and has over 5.7 billion visits in a month. Considering this many people around the world leverage the popularity of Amazon to sell their products. On Amazon, there are a lot of hot selling products in almost every niche but there is a catch do you know if there are product selling restrictions on Amazon?

You cannot sell every sort of products on Amazon. Amazon has put some restrictions on selling the products due to some reasons like products which can create issues while in transit to somewhere are not allowed to sell. Products that are directly or indirectly made up of animals and human remains, and explosive devices are banned to sell. Products that hurt religious sentiments and glorify or promote hatred, violence, racial, sexual views are banned. Even medicines that are taken only after a prescription by a doctor and restricted or prohibited to sell.

You should first read and follow all the selling terms on Amazon seller place here. There are many other articles that will be helpful for you and many other sellers.

However, if you do sell the products in the categories which I am about to list out you will have to take permissions from Amazon to sell those. You cannot sell without its permission. In extreme cases like even after getting reminders from Amazon about selling the restricted products without permission and doing other things that are against the rules and regulations of selling on Amazon, Amazon can even terminate the seller agreement permanently.

Hence make sure to be stringent about the rules and regulations for selling on Amazon including the restricted products otherwise you will ultimately compromise with your profitable business on Amazon.

The list of categories of products that are restricted to sell on Amazon

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Without understanding these rules and regulations and the list of restricted or prohibited products to sell on Amazon, a seller despite implementing all the good strategies, tactics, and other efforts to succeed in online business and life could not get success and his dream will be a dream which he or she will fail to fulfill. So please do inform all the Amazon sellers and make them aware of these things if they are not for their successful online business.