10 easy link building tricks

link building

Many online experts say today that the time for link building is over, but you shouldn’t fall for that misconception. One of the most important ranking criteria for search engines is still the strength of the link structure. The change is that in the past it was enough to get as many external links as possible, and today it is necessary to use more sophisticated methods. It doesn’t matter what quality external links point to our site, and the role of each link in ranking has changed. Businesses have more options: they can continue to pay for quality SEO link building services, or they can start using a few simple link-building methods in-house.

1. Link building tip: ask friends to link to our site

Everyone has at least a few friends who have a website or blog. I’m sure our friends will be happy to include us among the partners, and in return, we can add a link to their site. This simple but effective way to get your webpage into Google indexing as soon as possible.

2. link building tip: participation in community forums

You can regularly meet with blog comments, forum posts where they link to a page or article. If the link contains useful information, it will not only be spam value, but it can also lead to real-world leads traffic to our website. If you’re interested in link building tips in a forum or Facebook group, we can share this post. This will give you interesting content, and we’ve improved the link structure a little.

3. link building trick: giving feedback to suppliers, partners

Everyone likes to include positive reviews on their website. Our business partners and suppliers will be very happy, but in return, we will also receive some valuable backlinks in return. For example, we started with our hosting provider, for whom we were very happy with its service. With a positive opinion, everyone won.

4. link building trick: blogs need to be launched

Blogging is an essential part of successful link-building projects. In this case, we write valuable entries on external pages from which we link to the web page you want to build. Sometimes a site like wordpress.com can play a huge role in SEO success, as these sites have very high DA scores.

5. link building tip: guest blogging

Most business owners are also masters of their own profession. This is worth proving to the high-level: a guest blog post on professional news websites can give you a very good opportunity to do so. Sometimes it’s hard to get into these sites, but it’s not nearly impossible. It’s worth thinking about with journalists’ heads: if you can figure out what content (writings, research, photos, infographics) will be easily bitten, it’s a sure thing. And in exchange for quality content, you’d expect a link to be placed.

6. link building tip: request a link from mention

Perhaps the easiest way to get new links is to start crawling our mentions with Google. If we have been in the business for a long time, there will surely be articles where our company will appear or we will appear as a commenter ourselves. In this case, it is best to contact the webmaster directly and ask him to convert the previous textual mention into a link.

7. link building tip: discovering your competitors’ link structure

I have to admit, it’s been an advanced link-building trick. There are software programs that can sort links that point to a page. Of course, the best software is not free (they often charge $300-400 a year for them), but it’s worth trying the benefits of free versions. The most common free software is Moz Open Site Explorer.

If we can find out where our competitors got their links, we can easily do it step by step.

8. link building trick: comment on relevant articles – but be careful!

I run into writings every day that are very interesting and I would love to share my thoughts on them. It seems incredible, but it’s also an occasion that can be used to build links. Websites often also ask for the address of our website/blog next to the name and comment, so we get richer with another backlink. However, it is worth noting that forum links are low ineffectiveness, and too many forum links can get spam reviews from Google.

9. link building tips: press releases

Did anything interesting happen in your business? For example, you have opened a new plant, won an EU grant, been visited by a well-known person, or done industry research. These events should not be missed: you need to get a good PR professional or at least a recent press list as soon as possible. The communication sent shall be worded in such a way as to include at least one link.

10. link building trick: link collection pages – but not all of them!

Link-building sites are increasingly losing weight from an SEO perspective, but they should not completely bury this method either. The advantage is that you can get new links very quickly, but if too many of these links point to our site, you can easily get a spam list at Google. In my personal opinion, it’s a good idea to use these pages if you can enter a unique text description and check the “spam-score” points with an SEO tool and consider them safe.