How to beat the competition to become best seller on Amazon

Amazon sales

As Amazon is a highly popular and the largest marketplace in India and abroad, it has more than 5.5 lakh sellers in India alone. Therefore, a high number of sellers means higher competition because if we do simple maths there are more than 100 million products currently selling on Amazon India with only approx 5.5 lakh or more sellers. Thereby there a lot of sellers who are selling the same products.

Now in this case or scenario how a seller can surpass other sellers, including those who are selling the same products, to become the number one seller or be in the top 5 or 10 bestsellers list.  We understand this is a dream for most of the sellers in Amazon to become one of the topmost bestsellers.

Hence we came up with the guide through which you can become the bestseller on Amazon

1. Keyword optimization

First of all, we should move ahead step by step. Firstly we should understand that in order to become a bestseller you need to high have a high number of sales every day, every week, every month and every year.

So for that first thing, you should do is to focus on setting up the right keywords, according to your target customers, with the products listing thereby your product can rank higher than your rivalries. You should also use long-tail keywords to target any specific niche like some people will search for trousers for women and some will search for trousers for men and some will also search for the best trouser for men, women, child, under the age of and so on.

How to do find the right keywords for the product listing on Amazon

For the long tail and short keywords firstly you need to do good research to find your product’s direct competitors and then look at what keywords they are using to rank high on the results page. Use some of those long tail and short tail keywords from the competition and other related keywords which you can find through a free tool here. Use them in your product listing.

2. Advertising

Run a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign for your products or anyone product with the keywords you have found through the rivalries and a free tool, which I have shared earlier. If you do not know how to create an ad campaign and other related things then here is the full-fledged course for free in Hindi and English.

3. Usage of quality pics and description

Use good quality images for the physical products from all the prominent angles and if required create and put an illustrative video of the product as it will be useful for the customers to understand how the product is and describe all the benefits and features of the product in the description. Significantly along with the keywords optimization, it is also an important aspect for Amazon product SEO to rank higher organically on the results page as well on the search engines.

4. Reviews

A good number of reviews on an average of 4 and above is one of the important factors to rank high on Amazon. If you are a new seller and just starting out then you can request your friends and relatives to buy your product and give good reviews as Amazon count authentic reviewers from the verified customers. Amazon will never give your products, importance, and rank higher only on the basis of reviews which can be fraudulent. Hence, good authentic reviews are definitely beneficial.

I hope you found this helpful. However if you any query then do comment below. We will reply soon.