Social media listening: Why it is important for business?

social media listening

Do you know what your customers are saying about you on any social media platform?

Have you seen how your competition is using Instagram in their new marketing campaigns?

Are you answering product related questions from prospects on Twitter and social media channels?

What if no one is talking about you on any social media networks?

How will you get to know about all these aspects?

You will get to know all these and much more by developing your social listening and monitoring skills.

Social listening and monitoring is very important for any business because

  1. Through that, your business will get to know about what your customers and prospects are thinking,
  2. What is important to them so that you can make sure that whatever information you are posting is relevant and of interest to them.
  3. You can immediately respond to any queries and if your customers are tagging you on Twitter or Instagram or are tweeting at you etc.

Above all the most important reason behind social media listening and monitoring is to build a good relationship with your customers so that you can get embedded in their minds. Otherwise, your customers will start getting unknown to you and will start unfollowing you.

Now, what most people think of social media is that they assume, it’s all about getting their message out to other people. But social media listening and monitoring also build a good reputation which is linked to what I have written previously, “good relationship”, yes with a good relationship good reputation also build up.

It will also give you the opportunity to determine new avenues of product development, and to get ahead of your competitors.

Interestingly customers do want to get heard on social media.

According to research done by Sprout social, 83% of people like when brands respond to their questions, and 68% like when brands join their conversations.

Being responsive to social media clearly makes a difference. After all, according to research, 48% of the customers make a purchase with a brand that is responsive to its customers and prospects on social media.

Difference between social listening and social monitoring

Social monitoring is actively looking for mentions and conversions that pertain to your brand, your products, your hashtags, your employees, competitors, and customers.

Whereas social listening is how you track, analyze, and respond to conversations across the internet.  

Hence, social listening and monitoring are crucial to your social media marketing campaigns you plan to run as well as the ultimate success of your business.